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Seane Corn: Off the Mat, into the World

Seane Corn and Janis Blayne Paul

"Off the mat into the world" is an educational, experiential, and motivational process for people interested in conscious activism and service. It uses the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and to ignite grass roots social change.

Yogis everywhere are taking their yoga off the mat into the world.


Seane Corne, co-founder of "off the mat, into the world" and renowned yoga instructor with her "off the mat into the world" logo karmic stone and artist Janis Blayne Paul.

Read an interview with Seane here.

lululemon logo
the lululemon logo

lululemon athletica- "the princeton signature collection"

"The princeton signature collection for lululemon" features the lululemon logo and four karmic stones created to capture and illustrate the athletic passions of its clientele in Princeton, New Jersey: the cyclist, the yogini, the rower and the runner

the cyclist
the cyclist
the yogini
the yogini
the rower
the rower
the runner
the runner

inner light yoga

inner light yoga, Arcadia, Washington

12 x 12 goldentone stone w/ tea tree oils to enhance carving and accent colors

karmic stone created for inner light yoga studio, incorporating the lotus flower. The lotus flower is a tremendous resource for meditation, dream interpretation, creative art, spiritual healing, and esoteric study.

Wild Mustang- Freedom 2

Wild Mustang- Freedom 2

12 x 12 varigated red rock

The Wild Mustang Freedom series evolved to capture the spirit of the wild mustangs that roamed freely in southern Nevada's Red Rock Canyon.

Imbued with the energy and karma of both his spirit and the vast and beautiful Canyons, The Freedom 2 design symbolizes self-assurance and purpose of life.

the cat
the cat
the elephant
the elephant
the horse
the horse
the swan
the swan

garden path

garden path - abstract stylization: cat, elephant, horse, swan used to symbolize specific traits:

16 x 16 variegated red rock- series of four stones

  • the cat : often known as a symbol of meditation, mystery, and wisdom as in good fortune.
  • the elephant : known as a sacred animal in the East. A symbol of strength and power, it represents perseverance, and is also seen as a symbol of wisdom and dignity.
  • the horse : often known as a solar symbol and a symbol of intelligence in the Bible. Sometimes, horses are related to the sun, moon and water, acting as the mediator between earth and heaven.
  • the swan : a symbol of gracefulness and calmness, sensitivity love and beauty

  • 12 " x 12"- Forest Twilight Slate

    12" x 12" rialto marble

    Conservancy & Botanical Gardens, Las Vegas , Nevada

    Botanical Gardens Floral Motif
    This special stone depicts the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens' own floral motif. Special Limited Edition.

    Four Winds Yoga, one of NJ's premiere yoga studios

    Four Winds Yoga, one of NJ's premiere yoga studios. Four Winds' logo in relief. 12" x 12" canyon blue stone.


    Custom tile for a mentor, friend and guardian angel
    Floral abstract etching
    12 " x 12" autumn leaf stone

    Wild Mustang - Freedom 12" x 12" red canyon

    Wild Mustang - Abstract 12" x 12" red rock

    "Casino Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada"

    "Wild Mustang - Freedom" and "Wild Mustang - Abstract"

    In addition to this private client's own logo carved in red rock, two horse designs were created to depict the indigenous wildlife of Red Rock Canyon: "Wild Mustang - Freedom" and "Wild Mustang - Abstract" are offered as a special limited editions.

    "The Cyclist"

    Designed and carved for Team USA champion cyclist
    12"x12" earthen stone

    "Eating Matters"

    Nutrition therapists' logo
    12" x 10" river rock

    Let karmic stone custom carve your business' logo!

    "Meditation Room"

    Interior design -transformation of a 12'x12' spare room into a private retreat

    Features of this tranquil space include:

  • Sandstone table- 3' x 6' freeform natural stone set against bamboo backdrop and wall art
  • Altar with column capital base and "om" karmic stone
  • Column capital display table
  • Fountain and trellis on sandstone base
  • A place to read and reflect

  • Let Karmic Stone bring peace and calm into your life!

    We offer a wide range of design services geared towards brightening your mind, body and spirit. Contact us today for a free consultation.

    Inspiration carved in stone

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