karmic stones are available by special order. The following stones are currently available:

'Base' prices for karmic stones in our gallery of offerings are provided as a starting point. "om" and "chakra stones" stones are offered at the base introductory prices noted. Prices for other offerings will vary according to the type of stone selected, the intricacy of the design and if it is a special limited edition.

Custom projects are based on intricacy of the design, if we create the artwork and the stone selected.

Wholesale pricing is available in quantities of specific designs.

We are happy to provide you with options and quotes. Email us at or fill out an inquiry.

16" x 16" priced from $138
Colors: sunrise red, earthen variegated, sandy travertine marble
12" x 12" priced from $75
Colors: olive, sunrise red, varigated multicolored, tree bark, autumnal stone and sand travertine marble
6" x 6"priced from $38
Colors: forest slate, river slate, earth stone, cappuccino and latte stone
8"x 8"- set of 4 stones priced from $48
Colors: tuscan mustard, antique gold, cappuccino, latte, forest, morning dew and pink petal
Custom projects are available in all sizes and are priced based on design, artwork, size, and stone.

Each hand-carved stone is imbued with karma that will resonate with your mind, body and spirit. Visit our karmic gallery section to experience our creations.

  • Each stone is carved and/or etched by hand.
  • Every stone is different and is selected for the unique texture, color and characteristics that compliment each design.
  • Color that is apllied to the design is done with a blend of brewed teas and spices and natural inks.
  • Unique characteristics of each stone help to create the overall finished product.
  • Made especially for you, karmic stone can capture what is most meaningful and inspirational to you. If you find a design among our ever-evolving offerings, we'll carve it for you. If you prefer, we can create a custom carving for you.

    Our offerings can be as original as our clients and are only limited by their imaginations. E-mail us at with questions or inquire about a specific piece or project.

    Let karmic stone enrich your life with a karmic carving today. Karmic stone practices karma yoga -- the practice of helping others, thereby donating a portion of the proceeds from each karmic stone to charity. Thank you for making a difference.

    Inspiration carved in stone
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