About Karmic Stone

Good Karma. We all need it. We all want it.
Finally... karmic stone offers it.

At its basic level, karmic stone seeks to capture what resonates with ones spirit -- a symbol or word or a design. Something that inspires you. It can signify a special time or place. A person. An experience. A memory. Anything that is significant to you. Once it is carved in stone, that which speaks to us and inspires us is tangible.

In this tangible form, a karmic stone evokes a feeling that nourishes our spirit. It can be seen as the gift of "good karma" that we give ourselves and thus can pass on to others. It also serves as a reminder to slow down so that you may embrace each day from a place of openness and with the wonderment of a child. That is what karmic stone symbolizes.

As a result of my architectural training, I believe that places bring emotions, recollections, people and even ideas to mind. Perhaps that is why my adventurous spirit soars when I travel to far off lands, explore the wonders of nature and embark on journeys of exploration.

On the path to self-discovery and a desire to be more present and alive, karmic stone evolved.

Mindfulness, meditation, a passion for yoga, the search for balance and the need to slow down and embrace life all combined to create the opportunity for karmic stone to manifest itself.

I was drawn to stone as a medium in which to express my creativity while seeking my own sense of permanence and the need to be grounded.

Stone provided a solid foundation from which to grow. While I had been an architectural designer and preferred the blank page, I discovered that stone holds many secrets and mysteries, which come together in creating a work of art. Each type of stone has its own unique texture, underlying colors, wich may or may not reveal themselves, density, and a unique history- from its origins and formation to how it has evolved over the ages.

Each work of art requires mindfulness and focus. As a design is carved, the stone presents its own uniqueness just as it is supposed to. Just as in life, unfolding as it is supposed to. Right now. In this moment.

Let karmic stone enrich your life with a karmic carving today.

Karmic stone practices karma yoga -- the practice of helping others, thereby donating a portion of the proceeds from each karmic stone to charity. Thank you for making a difference.

Inspiration carved in stone
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